Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mister Transmission London is open!

The researching is over - the franchise agreement has been signed, the equipment purchased, the shop painted, signs are up, new hiring done... And the opening day for the newest Mister Transmission has come! It has been quite a journey as a family, and we are very excited! All of us have helped in getting to this place. We've done a lot of cleaning (of the shop), window washing, painting, moving of equipment, painting, and praying. Of course, David has done the lion's share of the work, but that's why he gets the cool shirts now:

Many of you have been walking with us on this journey - through prayer and encouragement. A big thank you to you all!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Recital Time is here again!

The school year is winding up, and today it was piano recital day for the piano students in our home. Our piano teacher holds the recital in her home and all of us parents and grandparents sit in the dining room on rows of chairs (dining room table having been removed) and look into her living room, which is also the piano room. She has 2 pianos, and most weeks the children get their lessons at the upright piano, but today they got to play her Steinway baby grand!

It's not the children's favourite day, but there are always great snacks afterwards!

Emmi played a grade 6 piece that I used to play (a list A), and a grade 7 study. Tim played a grade 3 study and a grade 3 list C piece. Ben played a grade 1 study and a list B. Pip played 2 pieces out of his pre-grade 1 book.

Everyone played very well, including the other students! Our only some-what unfortunate moment was Tim walking into the chandelier that usually hangs over the dining room table - he is so tall now! However, nothing was harmed and it gave the chance for Grandpa to make a few terrible puns.
We keeping going with our lessons into June, though Pip did ask if he could skip his practice tomorrow as he played so much today! I'm thankful my children are able to take lessons, and for our fantastic teacher. It's such a blessing to hear the "polished" pieces in the house; the music enriches not just them, but all of us!