Saturday, August 14, 2010

Canoe Trip

Well, we've had a little time off from canoe trips, but this summer we are hoping to get back to it! We had our first trip of the year last weekend, and it was a good time! Last summer, we didn't do any, and it is amazing what two years will do to the children - they are all better paddlers, better campers and better portagers!

Canoe trips are great for just being together!

And for having times of quiet reflection.

The gang is getting good enough at canoeing that we sent a boatload of them out together to practice - they had to canoe to a nearby island, go around (getting out to explore first if desired - it was!) and then come back. We had a second canoe back at the campsite to come to the rescue if needed, but we weren't needed at all.

Here are the canoes loaded up after a portage. We were gone for 3 days, two nights, had a lot of rain - but kept the important stuff dry (food, sleeping gear, tents), did a 1600 m portage (and many others!), saw a bunch of loons (including some human ones related to me!!) and had a great time!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Track and Field

We joined a local track and field club this spring, Niagara Regional Athletics, and have been learning, and practicing, track and field events. It is a lot of fun, and really good for keeping us fit! I get to practice alongside the children, so I am getting some "keeping fit" benefits too!

In July, we went to our first track meet. It was the MTA Championships (Minor Track Association, which is for children under 14), which meant that there were track clubs from all across Ontario there! It was quite overwhelming at times for us - noise, people, heat!! (It was a very hot day!) Here are a couple of pictures of Emmi's javelin throws.

All the Marshwiggles competed, and had good attitude, though we did not do so well in terms of results! Pip won a 5th place ribbon for his long jump, and Ben scooped a silver medal (from a field of two) in shotput, so that was encouraging for the younger boys. Emmi and Tim tried hard in their events - but no medals or ribbons for them. Here is Emmi doing a long jump.

And here is Emmi on a very determined final stretch of the 200m. I love the way her braids were swinging about!

Pip ran in the 100m. He and this little boy had difficulty staying in their lanes, but seemed pretty pleased with themselves at the finish line!

Tim's favourite events are the throws. Here he is doing the shotput.

Here is Ben in his silver medal performance for shotput (in his age category). Go Ben!

We learned a lot at this meet, for example, I thought I had brought WAAY too much water, but we used almost all of it! And I should bring a golf umbrella next time to give some shade to the eager spectators! We watched a little of the recent Canadian and World Junior track and field championships that were held in Moncton NB, and my guys were so much more interested having had their own experiences in track and field.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Fruitful Season

It is a wonderful time to live in Niagara! The array of fruits and veggies in the markets is fantastic! On Saturday, there were baskets of tomatoes for sale at the farmers market, but I walked right by them knowing what was in the back garden! Here are a few of the beauties we've been enjoying! I did come home Saturday with corn, blueberries, peaches, and plums to name a few items that we don't grow. I am so grateful to be living in such a wonderful part of the world right now!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Long Weekend!

Hope you are all having a great long weekend! We had a good start to it by having a bicycle ride up the side of the Welland Canal. We went from our home, to the Port Robinson ferry, then across the canal and up the bicycle path to the Highway 20 bridge.

When we got to the bridge, a ship was passing underneath! So we had to stop to have a good look!

Here is the happy group of bicyclists! I was the "back-up van" driver, and photographer for this occasion!

It can be fun just to mess around on big pieces of machinery!

From here, we crossed the bridge to try out a new restaurant - "Indian Flames" which is just on the other side of the bridge. It features Indian food and got a "two thumbs up" rating from our food critic (David), and an enthusiastic rating from all the children too, so we'll have to go back.