Saturday, August 14, 2010

Canoe Trip

Well, we've had a little time off from canoe trips, but this summer we are hoping to get back to it! We had our first trip of the year last weekend, and it was a good time! Last summer, we didn't do any, and it is amazing what two years will do to the children - they are all better paddlers, better campers and better portagers!

Canoe trips are great for just being together!

And for having times of quiet reflection.

The gang is getting good enough at canoeing that we sent a boatload of them out together to practice - they had to canoe to a nearby island, go around (getting out to explore first if desired - it was!) and then come back. We had a second canoe back at the campsite to come to the rescue if needed, but we weren't needed at all.

Here are the canoes loaded up after a portage. We were gone for 3 days, two nights, had a lot of rain - but kept the important stuff dry (food, sleeping gear, tents), did a 1600 m portage (and many others!), saw a bunch of loons (including some human ones related to me!!) and had a great time!

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