Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas is Coming!

December is 'finally' here and we're gearing up for Christmas! A week ago we had our annual Tree Trimming Party, for this we had to get all of our decorations out. Pip and Ben were great helpers to Mummy in setting up the lights and indoor decorations. Mummy and Ben have been making yummy cookies. We're all preparing for Christmas performances hopefully I'll get a post up about that. We have snow which always makes it feel more christmasy especially with Christmas lights.

Here are some of the things decorating our house:
Pretty Ponsettia
Our Advent Calender

Everybody needs a tree!
Don't forget the Stockings
Yummy! Gingerbread cookies for the tree.
Decorations are fun and cookies are yummy, but we can't forget why we're celebrating; Jesus took on human form to come and save us.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mister Transmission London is open!

The researching is over - the franchise agreement has been signed, the equipment purchased, the shop painted, signs are up, new hiring done... And the opening day for the newest Mister Transmission has come! It has been quite a journey as a family, and we are very excited! All of us have helped in getting to this place. We've done a lot of cleaning (of the shop), window washing, painting, moving of equipment, painting, and praying. Of course, David has done the lion's share of the work, but that's why he gets the cool shirts now:

Many of you have been walking with us on this journey - through prayer and encouragement. A big thank you to you all!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Recital Time is here again!

The school year is winding up, and today it was piano recital day for the piano students in our home. Our piano teacher holds the recital in her home and all of us parents and grandparents sit in the dining room on rows of chairs (dining room table having been removed) and look into her living room, which is also the piano room. She has 2 pianos, and most weeks the children get their lessons at the upright piano, but today they got to play her Steinway baby grand!

It's not the children's favourite day, but there are always great snacks afterwards!

Emmi played a grade 6 piece that I used to play (a list A), and a grade 7 study. Tim played a grade 3 study and a grade 3 list C piece. Ben played a grade 1 study and a list B. Pip played 2 pieces out of his pre-grade 1 book.

Everyone played very well, including the other students! Our only some-what unfortunate moment was Tim walking into the chandelier that usually hangs over the dining room table - he is so tall now! However, nothing was harmed and it gave the chance for Grandpa to make a few terrible puns.
We keeping going with our lessons into June, though Pip did ask if he could skip his practice tomorrow as he played so much today! I'm thankful my children are able to take lessons, and for our fantastic teacher. It's such a blessing to hear the "polished" pieces in the house; the music enriches not just them, but all of us!

Friday, May 23, 2014


 A very good thing happened to me today. I went to a friend's house, and when I got there I noticed a large and abundant rhubarb patch near the driveway. I complimented my friend on her rhubarb and she said, "take what you want!". Wow!

In Port Robinson we had a fantastic across-the-road neighbour who had a very large rhubarb patch. Every year he would coax us to come and pick rhubarb. But we didn't need much coaxing! We got spoiled with his rhubarb and had many tasty desserts with it in the spring, and then in the winter we enjoyed pulling it out of the freezer. In fact, last year, as a parting gift he brought a box of rhubarb over as we were loading the moving van. I froze it (because in the chaos of the move I had no time to deal with it!) and we enjoyed Mr. Ryan's Rhubarb through the winter, always with nostalgic feelings.

This spring I was resigned - no rhubarb. I did see some in Sobeys, and had some sticker-shock. No way was I paying that for rhubarb! Grandma has planted some at their new house, but it's the first year so you can't harvest it yet.

So what a joy to find another source! My friend's daughter even picked it for me and loaded it into the car. I came home and told Tim I had a surprise in the trunk. He was delighted to see the stalks and immediately asked, "rhubarb crisp?". While I made the supper, he made a rhubarb crisp - and let me tell you, it was pretty tasty!

It's a taste that says spring - whether you're eating it in the midst of verdant green or just remembering. It's little things like finding a rhubarb patch to raid that let me know we're really settling in here!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

Well it's been a year since we moved here! It was Victoria Day weekend last year that we "moved in", and it's neat to look around the house and see what's been accomplished, and think over the year and see how far we've come.

There are a lot fewer boxes, and those that are still around are generally out of public view, like in the crawl space! A fair bit of painting has been done. Those of you who visited early in our year here may remember a lot of pink, well the quest to "de-pink" the house continues, but there's a lot less of it!

We've made friends, and found a church home, and joined a lot of activities to discover where we fit.

David is opening a new Mr. Transmission franchise in London (ON) and right now the family is all-systems-go on getting the shop physically ready to open. He is still working on staffing and a myriad of administrative details that need to fall into place.

So it feels like we've come a long way from a year ago when we first arrived. Back then I didn't know where things were in the kitchen, or even if they were in the kitchen yet. I could get to the Zehrs at the end of the street, but my world didn't extend much past that. We attended church on the Sunday and didn't know who to talk to, or where to sit. We weren't sure what David would do for employment. I couldn't go anywhere in town without my GPS and a full address of where I was going. I could call my in-laws, but didn't know anyone else here.

The Lord has been good to us this year; there's been a lot we've been able to sort out and figure out. He's taken very good care of us while we transplanted and enabled us to start putting down roots.

There's still settling in to be done. Those last few boxes! (Although I have some friends who have boxes far older than mine - you've inspired me to get ours finished with before the 10 year anniversary of moving in!) Transforming the house into our home. Turning acquaintances into good friends. I'm excited to see how the second year goes!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Moving Day - Part Two

Pip and Ben in the truck before it was filled
Part two of our move involved (on a different day) renting a large U-Haul and convincing a bunch of friends to come and help us move all our boxes. We had a great turn-out, and people seemed to have a good time!
Here come the boxes!

More boxes to load!
 We wondered if we'd be able to fit it all in the truck - but it did fit thanks to some friends who stayed inside the truck and packed it as tightly as possible.

Maximizing the space!
It took about 2 hours to pack the truck, our van, some friend's vehicles who were coming up to Waterloo, and another friend's trailer.

The drive to Waterloo was thankfully uneventful, nothing fell over, and the truck looked pretty much the same way when the door was opened at the new house. Another group of friends had assembled here to help us unload. It was about another two hours to unload, and then we were able to enjoy one of the amenities of the new house - our deck.

Thanks to all the great people who were a part of our move! We sure appreciate it!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moving Day - Part One

We moved to our new house in two stages. The first stage was the moving of the furniture and piano by a moving company. This was very exciting! I and the children were not at the old house when the truck was loaded (David was) but we were at the new house when a large truck pulled up in front!
Granny and Granddad were also on hand, and soon a cheering section had set themselves up on the front lawn!

It was fun to watch the movers. They were amazing, they knew just how to handle the furniture and to get it to fit around corners in the new house. They even set up our beds and assembled the dining room furniture.

Here comes the piano!
Everything arrived just fine, and at the end of the day we had our furniture, but nothing else. No books for the bookcases, no dishes for the china cabinet, no Lego for the table in the hobby room...
We would have to wait for moving day part 2!