Monday, June 3, 2013

Moving Day - Part Two

Pip and Ben in the truck before it was filled
Part two of our move involved (on a different day) renting a large U-Haul and convincing a bunch of friends to come and help us move all our boxes. We had a great turn-out, and people seemed to have a good time!
Here come the boxes!

More boxes to load!
 We wondered if we'd be able to fit it all in the truck - but it did fit thanks to some friends who stayed inside the truck and packed it as tightly as possible.

Maximizing the space!
It took about 2 hours to pack the truck, our van, some friend's vehicles who were coming up to Waterloo, and another friend's trailer.

The drive to Waterloo was thankfully uneventful, nothing fell over, and the truck looked pretty much the same way when the door was opened at the new house. Another group of friends had assembled here to help us unload. It was about another two hours to unload, and then we were able to enjoy one of the amenities of the new house - our deck.

Thanks to all the great people who were a part of our move! We sure appreciate it!

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