Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas is Coming!

December is 'finally' here and we're gearing up for Christmas! A week ago we had our annual Tree Trimming Party, for this we had to get all of our decorations out. Pip and Ben were great helpers to Mummy in setting up the lights and indoor decorations. Mummy and Ben have been making yummy cookies. We're all preparing for Christmas performances hopefully I'll get a post up about that. We have snow which always makes it feel more christmasy especially with Christmas lights.

Here are some of the things decorating our house:
Pretty Ponsettia
Our Advent Calender

Everybody needs a tree!
Don't forget the Stockings
Yummy! Gingerbread cookies for the tree.
Decorations are fun and cookies are yummy, but we can't forget why we're celebrating; Jesus took on human form to come and save us.

Merry Christmas