Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moving Day - Part One

We moved to our new house in two stages. The first stage was the moving of the furniture and piano by a moving company. This was very exciting! I and the children were not at the old house when the truck was loaded (David was) but we were at the new house when a large truck pulled up in front!
Granny and Granddad were also on hand, and soon a cheering section had set themselves up on the front lawn!

It was fun to watch the movers. They were amazing, they knew just how to handle the furniture and to get it to fit around corners in the new house. They even set up our beds and assembled the dining room furniture.

Here comes the piano!
Everything arrived just fine, and at the end of the day we had our furniture, but nothing else. No books for the bookcases, no dishes for the china cabinet, no Lego for the table in the hobby room...
We would have to wait for moving day part 2!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Momentous Days

Today was the day that David and I visited the lawyer and signed all the paperwork. Another step on the journey! We also are racking up a lot of "lasts" here in Niagara: last swim lesson, last church service at Thorold South Gospel Chapel, last track and field practice, and last visit to the library. The last library visit required a bit of work in hunting down all the books that were out. Thankfully, Emmi found them all! Even the two hiding under Pip's bed!

In the house you can really tell we're moving too. Sights like this:
Faded picture mark

 and this:
Empty shelves in pantry
are making it hit home that this is really happening!

We're looking forward to getting the new house on Friday and starting our list of "firsts"!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

An update and Packing!

So this is what the school room looks like right now! I know it's been a REALLY long time since I updated this blog, but I thought that moving was a good time to get back into the groove.
To catch y'all up, the house SOLD! (Hooray!) And then we went and bought a new house in Waterloo.
Here's what our new house looks like! WOW! It's so.... modern! Our current home here in Port Robinson was built in 1879, and the new house was built in 1961. So we've leapt forward almost a whole century in house innovation, and it's amazing what they have thought of in those 82 years - like closets in every bedroom. And full basements!
We are currently packing like crazy, and getting very excited. This coming Friday is the closing date on the new house! I can't believe how close it is now!
I hope to keep the blog a little more updated, so stay tuned! Thanks for your patience!!