Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Momentous Days

Today was the day that David and I visited the lawyer and signed all the paperwork. Another step on the journey! We also are racking up a lot of "lasts" here in Niagara: last swim lesson, last church service at Thorold South Gospel Chapel, last track and field practice, and last visit to the library. The last library visit required a bit of work in hunting down all the books that were out. Thankfully, Emmi found them all! Even the two hiding under Pip's bed!

In the house you can really tell we're moving too. Sights like this:
Faded picture mark

 and this:
Empty shelves in pantry
are making it hit home that this is really happening!

We're looking forward to getting the new house on Friday and starting our list of "firsts"!

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