Saturday, January 12, 2008

Baking Bread

For Christmas I received a new Kitchen-Aid standing mixer! I received one as a shower gift eleven and a half years ago, and its motor is giving out. So my dear husband got me another one! I have to say, I use my mixer a lot, and I was delighted by the new one! After a couple of experiences baking bread, I confessed my frustration with the process to him. I just didn't understand it enough. He responded with getting me this:

This is an incredible book! It explains the process really well. After reading through at least 100 pages of how the steps in bread baking worked, I was ready to try again! Here are my bread baking apprentices:

The final product! A bull's-eye rye with light and dark rye swirls. It tasted good too!

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Rachel said...

it looks delicious!
After years (10) of making breadmaker bread, my breadmaker has officially died. I've been making it by hand for a couple of months now - and I'm not planning to go back to the breadmaker! I love kneeding it, and it tastes... just wonderful - the kids love to help too. Love the "apprentice" pictures!