Monday, May 26, 2008

The Marshwiggles Go to Washington!

We have just returned from a family vacation in Washington D.C. We had a great time! Over the next few days I will post some pictures of the highlights.

Our first day was taken up with travelling to D.C. We left here at 7:30 a.m., crossed the border without trouble and drove through New York. Somewhere in rural New Yorkk, or maybe rural Pennsylvania, Pip succumbed to motion sickness. He was sick quite a bit, then slept, then woke up and was sick some more. Ben joined him. It was cool and rainy and the road was very twisty. However, after a lunch break and Gravol, and getting onto interstates, everyone was quiet and slept.

We got to D.C. around rush hour, so the last leg of our journey was in heavy traffic, but we managed to find the condo we had rented. It was very nice, two bedroom, and had a washing machine for all the clothes that had experienced motion sickness. We had supper, then I put the children to bed while David went out and found some groceries.

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