Monday, July 14, 2008

Marshes Celebrate 40th Anniversary!

David's parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last week, and we had a nice party for them. Here is a photo of the happy couple, featuring THE CAKE, which I made. I must put in a note of thanks here to all the people who helped me with THE CAKE, I had friends who loaned me the cake pans, and the cake stand, and gave helpful advice and sympathy as was required. It turned out well, and tasted good (big sighs of relief). Another note, the cake topper is the original from 40 years ago!

David gave a great speech, highlighting the grace of God on his parent's marriage, with some great statistical facts and funny anecdotes thrown in. Most people were impressed, but one was not.

I think it was less the speech, and more the fact that Ben was sitting still for a few minutes that led to his nap. He woke up, very refreshed, and spent a lot of time at the chocolate fountain - which was disasterous for his white shirt (the bow tie came through all right), but which made him very happy, and made his Grandma laugh.

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