Monday, October 20, 2008

The Extended Family

We have been seeing a lot of the extended family! There was Thanksgiving, and then this past weekend we went to Great-Aunt Harriet's 90th birthday, where there were all kinds of relatives - some of whom we'd never met before!

Here is the youngest guest with the birthday girl! There was one older present that I can think of, the children's great-grandfather was there, and he is over 90!

Here are the younger members of the family having a group bounce on the trampoline. The little guy in red is David's second cousin, as are all the other young people (come to think of it!) except our children and the girl in the white sweater who is his first cousin.

All but one of David's aunts were there, as was his uncle. So it was good to see everyone, and catch up a bit on what people have been up to!

This photo is actually from Thanksgiving, it is another of David's first cousins (in university now) and Emmi. I just thought they both looked so happy!

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