Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Concert

Last week was the Christmas concert for our Jubal Cottage School (which is our homeschooling arts co-op), and it went very well! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera! So there are no pictures of this fine event, but if you were there and have one, please email it to me!!

I direct the Junior Choir (ages 5-9) and we sung two pieces. The choir did an amazing job! The Senior Choir also did a great job, and most of the children were involved in some dramatic work or other. We have about 46 children in our group (24 are in the Junior Choir) and there were about 100 people there - so the sanctuary had a nice, full feel to it.

Thanks to all the parents who help out with Jubal, and of course, the children for their hard work!

The day after we had to take off school, because we were so tired from the concert (and lead up to it!) and as a group we were quite ill with head-colds. However, we are all feeling better now!

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