Friday, December 18, 2009

Gingerbread House 2009 - Step One

It is our tradition to create a gingerbread house each year. It sits on the piano, and greets anyone entering the schoolroom with a lovely ginger-y smell (quickly followed up by the tree's lovely pine-y smell - ah.. the smells of Christmas!). This year, David felt a little tired of the typical gingerbread cottage style house, and felt moved to make something, well, bigger. Here are the first steps of this year's creation:

The gingerbread is mixed up, rolled out, and cut out. Here the three-headed penguin cookie jar (a silly gift exchange windfall, loved by some in our home) watches over the preparation.

After baking, it is "trued up" by David. He recuts the baked edges (which spread a little in the oven), and checks with his set square.

Then the assembly! David is sticking walls together with icing:

Of course, it needs to be checked with the level:

The result of the first night's work: three boxes

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