Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jubal Cottage School

In a couple of days we start the new term of Jubal Cottage School, so I thought this was a good time to post some pictures from our Christmas Concert (and I finally got them on the computer and off the camera!!) Jubal is a place for homeschoolers to work together in the arts, with a focus on corporate expression (e.g. choir, drama) that is hard to do at home by yourself. The goal of Jubal is to train students in the arts to the glory of God!, with the idea that the training they receive here will help them to worship in the local church. I direct the Junior Choir, and we had 30 students this year! We also have a new location, and it made for a lovely cosy feel for our concert.

As the director of the Junior Choir, I asked my photographer to get lots of photos - so here are some shots of the choir, left and right side. Aren't they a nice bunch of children?

We did a lot of work on practicing getting on and off the platform, and we did pretty well in the concert, but having them in two groups did make it a little complicated.

There is a Senior Choir too, for students aged 10 and up. I think there were 27 in this group, and they spread out across the front of the chapel, so you'll have to look at them in three pictures:

Left Side:

Middle Group:

Right Side:

With a close-up of a section of the choir,

There is also drama at Jubal! Here are a group of the Seniors performing a skit they wrote based on an Aesop Fable:

The Juniors had a lot of drama too! They did a summary of a Midsummer Night's Dream, here Hermia is rejecting the appeal of Demetruis.

The whole evening started with a potluck supper, then we had our concert, and then we all helped clean up. This last picture is of some of the Juniors taking their bows, and I think their expressions sum up nicely how the evening went.


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What BEAUTIFUL pictures - I love the way they turned out - thank you for sharing - I need to get copies!!