Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Maple Syrup Days - the Volunteers

In the week of March Break, Emmi, Tim and I were volunteers at Agape Valley a couple of days. We all worked in the pancake house. Tim's job was to help here and there, and periodically to dress up as a giant bee and walk around shaking people's hands, and having his picture taken. Usually he was joined on his walk-abouts by another volunteer dressed as a giant squirrel. Although he did scare a few small children, he did very well as the bee! On his breaks he was able to play chess with other volunteers and eat pizza. Not bad! Here he is on one of his bee visitations.

Emmi was an "order runner". She had to stand by a window near the cashier and take papers with orders for meals from the cashier to the kitchen. It is an important job! She was a great worker!

I had one of the more glamourous jobs in the pancake house - garbage sorter. Volunteers would clear tables and bring me the garbage, which I had to sort into organics and the different kinds of recycling. Here is my station:

Interestingly, there is no actual "garbage" hole in this station, everything had a recycling or organics spot to go.

It was fascinating to work at the pancake house and see all the different (and vital) jobs needed to make it work well. There was a great spirit of camraderie, and we enjoyed our time there very much!

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Mel said...

We'll be heading to Agape today for some yummy pancakes. :) Every year when we go to Agape I always think of you and your family. You were the very first homeschooling family we had ever met....and we met right their at Agape! :)