Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Math with the Marshwiggles

Every now and then we come across a type of math lesson that has entered the Marshwiggle lexicon as "fun math". Ben got one of these lessons recently, involving the measurement of volumes. Pip came to help, and the rest of us popped into the bathroom from time to time to see how they were making out.

The first step in the math lesson was to create a measured litre. We used a jug, put one litre in it, and marked the spot.

Then, Ben had to estimate the volume of another container. A large, laundry soap jug was taken from the recycle bin, and estimates made. Pip estimated it would hold 100 litres. Ben thought 2. Emmi popped in at this point and noted it looked about 6 litres, so Ben revised his estimate to 6 litres. How many did it hold??

The answer was seven! Pretty good estimating! (OK, Pip was a little off!!)

Next job, estimating a laundry tub. Then measuring. It held 11 litres.

The math lesson was complete, the bathroom floor was relatively dry, brotherly love was in evidence... what could be better?

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