Monday, August 8, 2011

Fresh Air Fund

 We've had our visit from our Fresh Air Fund girl, Janelle. This was her third visit with us, and it was a great one! We did a lot with her, some of which doesn't feel important enough to mention, but is the type of thing that the FAF tells us is good for the children like hanging out at home in the back yard and playing in the sprinkler. In the above photo, Emmi and Janelle are rolling out pastry to make pies. Emmi's was blueberry, and Janelle's was sour cherry. Both were excellent!

One highlight of the visit was a trip to Toronto. We went to the Toronto Islands and took a picnic supper. After swimming we ate supper, visited Franklin's Garden and then rode the ferry back across to the city.
The group in front of a large fountain!

Emmi and Janelle waiting for the ferry.

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Ellen said...

Hi there -- I wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog about the Christian Co-op....

and then looking at your blog, I realized you did FAF -- we did too!! We are out in the Niagara region. Don't know if I've bumped into you at each child pickup day, lol!!

I still have to do my post about our week experience this year!
Looks like yours was fun!

Take care!