Monday, March 5, 2007

A Musical House

David just came down from practicing his trombone, and wondered if he was too loud. Seeing as I can hear the mighty snores of Pip through the monitor - I didn't think so. Besides, I like to hear him practicing. To me, a house is enriched if there is the sound of live music in it - even (as he put it) badly played scales played over and over. It is so neat that Emmi and Tim are playing some piano, and even Ben and Pip like to sit up on the bench and make some sounds!

This is one reason I am excited about one of our newest ventures - a homeschool choir! It is something that has been in our mind a while, but a upcoming homeschool Showcase with NHEA really got the ball rolling. We will prepare one or two songs for the Showcase, and then maybe sing them elsewhere if there is interest. Initially I thought that I might expect around 10-12 children, especially if I pleaded with my friends to send them, but I am having a good response, and am now wondering if we can fit them all into our house! One homeschooled girl will be our pianist, which is also very neat.

Stay tuned for more notes on the subject! (Pun very much intended.)

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