Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hatching Day!

I noticed that the birds were behaving a little differently around the nest this afternoon, instead of sitting on the eggs, they were both flying to and fro, sitting on the edge of the nest and reaching down into it. When they were off on a worm-run, I took a photo:
Later, we took another peak:

They are pretty small and ugly right now, and only make little cheeping sounds. But already Mother and Father Robin are working pretty hard!


Kristi-Anna said...

I am super impressed that you are so sneaky to get these great photos!! You need to get back to the scrapbooking ;) LOL!

Is there a 3rd baby yet??

April said...

Thanks for sharing this! Danya loved to see the pictures of the "real eggs!!" and the baby birds that looked like "little squirrels" LOL

Anna said...

Hi guys!

The third baby has hatched!

I lifted Emily up for a look today, and she saw a little beak coming up for food. She was very excited!