Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Poxy Pip

We had official confirmation today that Pip did indeed have a recent bout of chicken pox. When he woke up Friday morning, I thought a mosquito had come into his room and had a good Pip snack. Then, Saturday morning, there were many more of the "bites", under the diaper, up the back and on the tummy, and the marks from the day before were fading and starting to get a little crusty on top. Hmmm...

So far we've had all four children vaccinated against chickenpox and two of them have now had it. The doctor told me 10% of children who are vaccinated will develop the chickenpox anyway - we're challenging those numbers! (I know! Small sample size!) Pip's case was pretty mild, he's pretty well over them now, just has the little scabby marks.

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