Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Week

This is what was on our driveway last week:

A little later that day it was all in the veggie garden!

Then we planted. Tim has planted corn, here he is with Pip:

Emmi planted lettuce, beans, carrots and pepper and tomato plants. I planted tomatos, basil, zucchini and marigolds. And some pole beans (runner beans) which is what the poles are for. We're keeping a close eye on things out there!

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Kristi-Anna said...

What kind of corn did you plant? Zachary planted popping corn at school a couple weeks ago... and man it grows FAST!! I have to find a place for it outside! LOL!

We are container gardening this year... I hope to see fruits of our labours soon! The tomatos have been out there for several weeks now, and we have blooms! YAY!!