Monday, June 2, 2008

Washington - Museums Take Two

Our last full day in Washington was spent visiting more museums - some we hadn't seen yet, and re-visiting our favourite!

We started our day with another ride on the Metro! We got off close to the Museum of Natural History. The entrance-way was teeming with school groups, but we made our way to the Ancient Western Cultures exhibit which was a walk-through Western History from nomads (cave people) to Rome. Although not particularly interactive, it was well laid out and interesting, and as we have studied this time period the children were very interested. We then went to the Gems exhibit where we saw the Hope Diamond - very impressive!

Next came lunch in the Hirschorn Sculpture Garden. We ate our picnic next to a fountain, and had a little rest there too.

After lunch we returned to the Air and Space Museum to see some exhibits we missed the first time through. Some of the exhibits had been closed because Ben Stiller was filming Night at the Museum II at the Air and Space Museum, and we wanted to see them. We particularly enjoyed the exhibit which recreated an aircraft carrier.

From there (and after snacks on the lawn of the Mall) we walked to what turned out to be our favourite museum - the U.S. Postal Museum! This was a relatively small museum about the history of the mail in the United States, and the different ways it has been delivered (e.g. Pony Express) but it was very interactive and interesting! Here are the children in a stage coach:

We printed out custom postcards, sat in the cab of a big rig, "rode" in a train, and stayed until closing! Then we went next door to a restaurant which is also a brewing company, and tried their custom rootbeer, and had supper.

Home to the condo, where the children watched a movie while we packed up.

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