Monday, September 15, 2008

The 12 km Hike

Near the beginning of September, David took Emmi on a hike! He often takes a child with him on a canoe trip, but as we were running out of available weekends, he and Emmi decided a hike would be a nice alternative.

She carefully decided on a lunch menu, and packed her backpack with great excitement! We drove them to Queenston Heights, where the Bruce Trail starts. Here they are at the beginning:

They crossed the QEW on a new footbridge built for the Bruce Trail. David says that it cuts off quite a bit of the walk, the old way you had to walk on a lot of roads to cross over the QEW, so this is a great improvement.

At home, the boys and I were waiting for the phone call to pick them up. It finally came - and they had made it to Woodend Conservation Area - twelve kilometers away!! Wow! They were tired, but happy.

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Mrs. Rachel Lee said...

Wow, that's quite a hike! Great job, Emily! What a great "field trip", too! :)