Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

The big yellow schoolbuses were rumbling by our house again this morning. The Marshwiggles also had their first day of school today. All in all, it went very well. We are pretty well keeping to our plan from previous years, just that the grade numbers on the books are going up. And we have a new student, Ben is starting his Senior Kindergarten year, so he gets some more formal instruction.

We had a guest lecturer (Granddad) for our science lesson today. We started off the science year with a fun experiment: "Making Invisible Ink". This involved writing on a paper with lemon juice, and then holding it (on a wire screen) over a candle flame. Discussion includes: why the metal screen, why doesn't the paper burn, why does the lemon juice turn dark?

We finished our school in time to walk to the park, where we enjoyed the new splash pad! Not a bad way to end a day of school!

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Rachel said...

What a great "first day"! :)