Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Composer Night

We are part of a homeschool group called Jubal Cottage School. We are a group that trains children in the arts for the glory of God, specifically by teaching them skills that may help them as they participate in the local church. Jubal had a Composer Night last week. Children were invited to prepare a project on a composer, with a display board, and a presentation. We decided to join in and picked Mozart!

Did you know Mozart's favourite colour was red? Or that he was small for his age? We didn't until we did our project! Emmi and Tim prepared the display together, which included a written report, a picture, a lump of salt crystal from Salzburg (thanks Grandma!!), some CD's, some piano music and my clarinet (Mozart wrote some great clarinet music!). It looked pretty good!

Tim gave an introduction to Mozart, and then Emmi played a piece she has been working on for a while, Mozart's Minuet in F.

After all the presentations, we went to look at the displays, and enjoy some dessert.

Emmi and Tim enjoyed preparing their display, and I think Tim enjoyed his time at the microphone, but Emmi wasn't so keen on playing her piece! However it was great for her to be able to practice playing in front of people (you always need to know your piece much better than you think you do!!) and playing on a grand piano!

It was also a wonderful experience to see what their peers had prepared, and to be inspired by others' playing, perhaps Emmi may be as good as some of them one day! And to encourage the others who are at an earlier level than she is now. Here Emmi and Tim explore the "Liszt Museum" that one family prepared inside a refrigerator box! Too cool!!

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