Saturday, February 28, 2009

She's a Winner!

It was Grand Prix at our last AWANA meeting! It had been scheduled earlier in the year, then had to be moved because of a snowstorm, so at long last, the AWANA clubbers got to race their cars! For those of you who don't know, the Grand Prix is when children in the AWANA club get to make a car and race it! Emmi decided to make a car this year that was in the novelty ("Unique" at this church) division, which is, cars that aren't really cars.

Emmi's car was a tea trolley. She painted it white, then glued white lace on the sides, and glued (I did this gluing actually with the hot glue gun, but I placed the things EXACTLY where she showed me!!) a little teapot, cup and saucer and milk pitcher on the trolley. I cut down some sugar cubes to size, she then picked the best ones (Pip was very pleased to eat the rejects!!) and glued them on the trolley! It looked pretty good! She added white paint in the milk pitcher, and then a piece of tape with brown paint from the spout of the teapot so it looked like it was pouring into the cup!

Here is a sequence of the racing. The cars are handed up to a leader who places them on the track, then he releases a lever and all the cars race down the track to the end, where the nervous builders look on! Emmi's trolley was not very fast, it finished second once, but last in its heats the other times.

However, speed isn't everything at the Grand Prix! Emmi won first place in the Unique division! The other winners were a bumble-bee car and a feather-y creation! Emmi was pretty pleased with her trophy, and I think a good time was had by all!


Kristi-Anna said...

Congratulations Emily!! Your car looks fabulous!

Mrs. Marsh... who is the older gentleman in the last photo? I believe he was a leader when I was a clubber :D

Anna said...

I think that is Mr. DeVries.

lsmith said...

Congratulations Emily on a car that is not only stylish, but also reflects your heritage! :) As for the aerodynamic properties, well, who would want to have to run after their tea anyway.

Anna said...

I hadn't thought about the heritage Leissa!! Good point!