Saturday, February 21, 2009

More fun with Grandparents!

We also had some fun with Granny and Granddad recently! We went bowling! It was the first time the Marshwiggles had been bowling, and we had a great time! We tried 10 pin bowling, because it was close to our house and convenient.

All the adults bowled on one lane, and next to us the children bowled on their lane. They had the gutter-guards up so they had a much better chance of knocking down some pins. The balls (of course) were very heavy, so they tended to use the push-from-between-legs techniques, and even so, a couple of Pip's balls got stranded mid-way down the lane and had to be rescued by helpful bowling staff.

Here are Granny and Emmi preparing to bowl, Emmi has a child-sized 6 lb ball, and Granny a "light weight" adult ball - only 9 lbs! It still felt pretty heavy!!

Tim is preparing to bowl, while Ben and Granddad look on.

And the winners.... in the children's lane Pip had the highest score! And I managed the best in the adult lane! I think everyone was suprised by the results! Some pizza at one of our favourite restaurants finished off a great evening!

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The Lee Family said...

How fun!! We've never been bowling, but it's something we'd like to try. CONGRATS on your win, Anna, and Pips, too! :)