Wednesday, June 24, 2009


June is strawberry season in Niagara. We try to get out to a pick-your-own farm every year, the goal is always to pick enough berries to make jam. One year (one year with a new infant around), we weren't able to pick even a litre, and I had to buy berries from the farm's stand. But since that time (to date, our minimum), we have been picking more and more berries each year. This year, we picked 6 litres in about a half hour!

Tim's basket is filling up!

Pip sampling a berry:

Some hard working berry pickers:

We have been enjoying berries on French Toast, with hot cereal, with cream, just plain, and there are 8 jars of jam on the pantry shelf to delight us through the winter!

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The Lee Family said...

I love pips sweater!
Nice berries :) Our strawberry season just started, so we're going picking this week.

Enjoy your jam, I'm sure it's wonderful!!