Monday, July 6, 2009


Last week we had a field trip to a local orchard to pick some cherries. The sweet cherries are in, but it will still be at least a week for the sour cherries (the ones you make a pie with!). The fun thing about picking cherries is that you need to climb a ladder to get to them! Some of the ladders were quite low, so that even Pip could climb them easily.

And others went quite high!

There was a propane air-gun in the orchard that let out a loud banging sound (like a gunshot) periodically to scare the birds away. The children were very interested in this, and after our basket was full, we had to investigate and find where it was. Living in Niagara is a treat, when it is a short drive to all these farms and orchards!

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The Lee Family said...

I love that picture of Emily! She's really a beautiful girl :)