Thursday, August 6, 2009


It is raspberry season! I haven't made raspberry jam for a while, and it is one of my favourite jams, so I thought this year I would try hard to get some berries and make some jam! There were a couple of scheduled visits to the berry farm that got cancelled (too busy, too rainy!!) so when Grandma called and asked to come and see us, I thought raspberry picking would be a perfect activity!

The skies were darkening as we arrived at the farm, but it didn't start raining until we were out in the field. At first it was a gentle, drizzly rain, but then I heard a strange sound. I realized it was the sound of heavy rain drumming on the tin roof of a large shed on the other side of the field. And just after I realized that, the rain started pelting down on us!

Grandma was a good sport and helped us finish picking enough berries so we could make jam. The children worked well, but got too cold, so we set them to running up and down the rows while we finished. We were all grateful for the heating in Grandma's car (we had the air-conditioning on during the drive to the farm!), and also that we had our towels in the back, our next scheduled stop was for a swim!
However, there are now jars of raspberry jam in the pantry, and we also got a batch of homemade raspberry ice-cream out of the deal!

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Kristi-Anna said...

so, where did you get these raspberries? must've been everbearing, as 'regular' raspberry season is long over! I am desperate to make raspberry jam... I have oodles of strawberry, and 5 wee jars of wild blueberry... peach is next :D