Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Staycation" - Toronto!

It seems to be the hip thing to "staycation" these days. Due to a variety of circumstances, we found ourselves needing to stay fairly close to home (alas - not three days in to the interior of a wilderness park) so we decided to head to Granny and Granddad's B&B in Toronto!

One highlight of the visit was the trip to the Toronto Islands. Now the strike is over, the ferries are running again! (And the grass in the park is being mowed, and the garbage cans are being emptied....) We put some bicycles on the back of the van, and parked near the ferry terminal, and then boarded the ferry!

It is a short ride to the islands. We took the ferry to Centre Island, which has lovely gardens, fountains, a beach and good picnic areas. It also has Franklin's Garden where you can find a statue of Franklin the turtle:

And Bear:

And many of the other Franklin characters! There is also a discovery garden which when we visited was staffed by a group of young women who were very relieved to have their summer jobs start up, and were also feeling a little bored because it was a very quiet day for them. They helped the children make a craft and showed them some neat plants and insects.

The outing earned the coveted "two thumbs and two big toes up" from the children!

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