Friday, October 30, 2009

Cross-Country Race

Three of the Marshwiggles were entered in a cross-country race that took place this past weekend. There were over 200 homeschoolers who ran in the race! Tim and Ben were in the boys group ages 5-8 and had to run 800 m. Emmi was in the girls group, ages 9-12, and she had to run 1500 m. The day was cool, but not rainy, so good weather for running.

Here is Emmi with some of the friends we went with, doing a walk-through of her race.

Here is where the run was held, on a lovely, large farm.

Tim at the starting line. The line was much wider than this!

Everyone from our group seemed to have a good time, and the Marshwiggles all finished in the middle of their groups. Ben finished ahead of Tim; watch out for Ben - he's one fast guy!

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