Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Why did the mushroom like to get out and party?
He was one fun guy.

In our science program, we studied fungi recently. Did you know, that fungi are not plants? They don't produce their own food - but feed off other things. They are not animals either, they get their own kingdom. It seemed in order to get outside and find some of these amazing beings!

Granny and Granddad (our personal Field Botanists) accompanied us on a nature walk. The woods were beautiful with their carpet of bright leaves even though the day was dull.

It is neat to see "in the wild" something you have studied in a book. We also enjoyed just being together!!

Of course, there were lots of other things to do!

The variety and beauty of fungi is amazing. What an amazing God who chooses to beautify even the method He uses in the forest to dispose of dead material.

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