Sunday, May 1, 2011

Daddy's French Fries

Daddy is away right now on business, but we looked through some old (last month!) photos and thought you might enjoy seeing one evening we had when he made his famous french fries!

Daddy starts with fresh potatoes. He recruited some Marshwiggles to peel them:

Then he parboils them:

Next the potatoes are drained -steamy!

Then they have to soak a bit in cool water:

Next they are deep fried in hot oil. We like to use the wok for this. This is a Daddy only job, the Marshlings are told to keep well back!

Finally, they are golden and crispy! Daddy takes them out to drain.

YUMMY!! YUMMY! They just need a little salt - they are so good, no ketchup or vinegar required!

Everyone loves their french fries! Two big toes and two thumbs up from all Marshwiggles!

So, what are you doing when you get home from your business trip Daddy??


David said...
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David Marsh said...

Gosh, I don't know. How about dry-rubbed smoked ribs (what with the nice weather and all)?