Thursday, May 5, 2011

Democratic Marshwiggles

All you Canadians out there know we have just had a federal election. The Marshwiggles have been very interested in this election! We all watched the leader's debates on the computer, and Tim and Emmi went to our local All Candidates Meeting with David, and they all had opinions on who we should for for. Poor Tim was quite crushed to think how long he had to wait to vote!
Election Day here was cool and rainy. Our poll was very local, so we could walk to it. We took a "shortcut" on the way there that leads over a little stream. In the background you can see the ruins of the second Welland Canal.

We found an egg:

And we arrived at the Community Centre! The daffodils were out (you can see some in the background of the picture) in many gardens!

Here's a front view of our Community Centre. It's also where we come for our library.

Well, I cast my vote! The children weren't allowed to come round and watch the actual act of my marking the "x" but there were very keen to witness all the other parts of voting: handing in the voter's card, showing my ID, putting the ballot in the box, etc. etc. They were allowed to see and handle the ballot before I marked it, and go round to see the voting desk after I was done, and the little yellow pencil that was used - pretty neat stuff. We knew the polling clerk and deputy returning officer, so it was a pretty chummy time too.

We returned home the way we had come, pausing at the second Welland Canal to re-enact the battle of some Orcs with the men of Minas Tirith (Lord of the Rings).

Unfortunately, the children had to wait 'til the next day to find out who won, they went to bed before the polls closed. But I think we will have some pretty engaged voters in about 10-15 years from now!

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