Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Marshwiggles on the Move - Part One of Many

Well friends, we have decided it is time. After a lot of prayer, and talk, and thinking, and researching, and more prayer, we have decided that it is time for us to move. As many of you know, David's job moved out to Burlington, and then Oakville, about 2 years ago and since then we have been pondering a move.

I think the Lord held us back for the past couple of years for a number of reasons: David's health, our family needing some more time in Niagara, some really great friendships that have really blossomed in that time, and we just didn't know where to go. But now we feel the Lord is leading us to the Kitchener Waterloo area (by which we include Guelph and Cambridge), and we think we have some good reasons to back up that decision. We have family there, and the commute to Oakville is the same as it is from Port Robinson. Our other family members in Toronto will be no farther (alas, no closer!) but more accessible on public transit! And KW also offers a lot for the older child and young person, and we hope to have several of those in our home soon!

So to our Niagara friends, we love you and will miss you, but we hope to keep in touch and get together (Stratford anyone??), and to our KW friends, we look forward to being closer to you!

In Bible Study Fellowship this year I have been learning from the study of Acts that God leads one step at a time, and asks for our obedience one step at a time. So often I want the big picture, the 10 year plan, and I am sure that Peter and Paul and the other apostles would have appreciated that too - but that's not how God works. I can think of many practical reasons why He does this, one of which is to develop our trust in Him, and another is because quite frankly, a 10 year plan might scare us too much! I am quite sure that this is the next step of obedience that God is calling us to, and so even though sometimes I feel very overwhelmed, and frightened, we are obeying. And the first step right now is to get our house ready to put on the real estate market!

I thought I would include updates of what is going on, on this blog, so if you have a particular interest in what's going on you can get your news! A lot of you have generously offered to help with "whatever we need", so I've generated a list of what your duties will be... just kidding! (Monday: declutter Marsh house, Tuesday: list Marsh house, Wednesday: conclude sucessful purchase of Marsh house....) I will be posting "help needed" days here, and if you can come and give us a hand - great! And no pressure if you can't! And if you are too far away, we covet your prayers! In fact, we covet ALL of your prayers!


Sherri said...

Anna, we will be so sad to see your wonderful family leave us at TSGC but we would never want to hold you back from where the Lord is leading you. I will pray for you as you must have so much to do! Hope you're not too sore tonight from all your furniture moving! Keep us posted!

The Lee Family said...

I'm so excited to see where God is going to lead your family! In KW you won't be far when we come home for visits! Our prayers are with you regularly. I'm so glad you've posted this up, I've been wondering, often, how you are doing. ((hugs))

Crawford Paul said...

We wish you all the best Marsh family! It has been a real pleasure to get to know you and you will be missed at TSGC. I hope we can arrange at least an annual visit to get caught up. :)