Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hard at Work

 We are still hard at work on preparing the house. The weather was lovely this past Saturday, so we did a lot of outdoor work. David has been repairing the porch, you can see here that the floor is done, and he is just getting ready to put the bases back on the pillars (you can see the one on the left "floating"). Now the pillars are done, so the porch will pass back to me to do the painting.

The whole family was involved in our work day. Pip and Ben were taking old lattice work off the front of the porch:
 Tim got to use a drill for the first time! He put up three curtain rods inside the house, and then helped David and I take down the storm windows and put up a lot of the shutters.

Emily did work indoors as well as out. Here she is packing DVDs and listing on the computer which DVDs are in which box, so when we want to watch the Muppet Show (for example), we know which box to look in!

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Tereasa said...

I love the pictures of the children working. They look so happy to be apart of the adventure. Congratulations to Timothy on learning a handy skill! (You can tell him Mrs. Mansfield loves to use the drill.)