Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spray Stain Remover to Squid Skewers

It was another busy, working day at the end of a busy, working week. This morning started in the basement, which had been overhauled on Wednesday evening with a close friend, with me realizing I have 3 bottles of spray on stain remover. Now that all the like items are grouped with like I can see these things!

It has been a very humbling process getting the house ready to sell - I am finding a bunch of these little things (who needs THREE bottles of the same thing? - Someone who can't keep track of where the first two went!) which tell me I have not been paying enough attention to parts of the home. It has been humbling to generate boxes and boxes of stuff that is going to Goodwill or different friend's garage sales, and also to have to buy garbage tags (and they just put the price up here as of May 1st!). However it has been a good process - therapeutic in some ways, to have to go through the house room by room and really evaluate everything in it. And I realize that I haven't finished this process, we've just done the things that are visible - there are drawers and boxes that will need sorting, which will of necessity happen when we actually move.

It was a productive week and day - the porch is back together and I've started painting it. Tim and Ben put on the final touch carpentry-wise, the quarter-round at the base of the walls. Emily did a mighty work for me in the Tupperware cupboard ("Mummy! You don't need all this Tupperware!" - maybe we have a natural organizer in the household?) and Pip was a general go-fer. We were joined by my mother and father who have put our front garden in shape. In fact, the day was so busy I didn't have a chance to take any pictures!

To celebrate all this work my parents took us out to dinner at an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant, which is where I encountered a little squid, eyes and all, at the end of a squid skewer. Ben said "Mummy! There are his eyes!". And down the hatch he went! I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight, but I wonder if the little squid will visit me in my dreams.


sarahjane said...

Yummy! Sushi!! You will have to tell me which of our many choices around here that you landed at. Excited to see your house soon! So proud of you - if I can help next week (too late?) let me know!

David Marsh said...

Hey, how come David's work never gets mentioned in these things! : )