Thursday, April 26, 2007

April Showers

April is fast slipping away! We've been having fun with our April showers recently. The children received umbrellas as Easter prezzies from Granny, and they hadn't used them until Monday. It looked like it might rain as we left for our walk to the post office, so I stuck them in the stroller. The sky grew darker... and then just as we got to the post office the rain started falling! Great excitement! Out came the umbrellas for the walk home!

Today we walked again to the post office, and then to the park where we had a lot of fun. Finally it was time to go home, and as we left, we noticed large, dark clouds rising in the west. We stopped along the way to talk to a neighbour with a new puppy (so cute!!) but quickly started up again when we felt some drops falling (no umbrellas in the stroller today!). We ended up running the last stretch, with the two littlest ones in the stroller. Emily and Tim were on the porch, and I was just lifting the stroller up when the skies opened, and it POURED with rain! We stood on the porch, puffing and panting, and said "isn't it a good job we're home!", and then came in an had hot chocolate. (Tea for Mummy!)

God is good to let us enjoy the simple things of his creation!

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