Thursday, April 19, 2007

Terrific Turtles!

The Marshwiggles have been joined by a prize-winning turtle!

Last night we had our AWANA Grand Prix, and Tim's turtle, though not very fast on the track (no surprise - it's a turtle!) won the first place ribbon for novelty entries! (Those entries that don't look like cars - like turtles - are entered in the novelty division.) Unfortunately, Emily's entry, a very cool silver car with glitter fish stickers on it, and a hand-painted rainbow on the back, did not win a ribbon. In fact, it didn't even make it to the finish line. The wheels were mis-aligned, and in an attempt to correct them with hot glue, I made it even worse! Her car only crossed the line once, when a friendly Sparks leader gave it a little push. Thankfully, Emily didn't see the push, and she was so pleased her car had finished!

I was very happy that Emily, though quite disappointed, handled her feelings well, and was very pleased for Tim and his ribbon. He, on his part, sympathized with her poor result.

When my battery on my camera has charged, I may just treat you to some pictures of their cars.

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Rachel said...

The turtle was adorable, he did such a great job! It was great fun to race with you! :)