Sunday, April 29, 2007

A FULL House

We had a fun time this weekend. There was a big homeschooling conference this weekend, and of the four homeschooling families at our church, two of them went. Their 5 children that needed babysitting were split up between the remaining two families. We had a 5 year old boy and his 7 year old sister come Friday and stay over, and then were joined by another 5 year old boy on Saturday.

So what do you do with 7 children? Go bicycling! This activity was a big hit! We rode our bikes (some of us on foot, and some in-stroller) to the canal, and then took the ferry across, and rode on the bike path there!

Many of my planned outdoor activities were cancelled because of the cold, rainy weather (we thank the Lord for the break in the afternoon to let us go bicycling!) - we never ate the popsicles I laid in, but we did spend some happy moments with Lite Brite.

All the families met up at the end of Saturday for a BBQ (also indoors!) and a time of sharing what was learned at the conference, and what had happened while they were away.

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Rachel said...

Thank you again for hosting for the day! We've heard so much about the bike ride (and the ferry!), it was such a hit! Thank you also for dinner afterwards, what a thoughtful thing to do. We are so blessed by you.