Thursday, May 3, 2007

Jump, jump, jump!

On our music theme...

I have moved out of choir director mode for our children's latest musical adventure, and into the pianist's seat. The three oldest children will be singing in a choir for our AWANA closing ceremonies next week, and I get to play the piano for them! David is planning to bring the bass guitar and another leader is playing guitar so they should have quite a groovy band.

The song is called Jump Into the Light and involves a lot of movement (including jumping) so that the director seemed to have had a full aerobic workout after practice last night. Hmmm, maybe it's a good thing I get to stay seated at the piano!

It is a fun song, and when I practice it here, I always end up with at least one child beside the piano (it was three of them this morning!) jumping and singing along.


Kristi-Anna said...

...yes, but the question remains, will all three sing/jump/run/dance etc on Wed night?! Or will they look at Mrs. Lee like she's grown another head?! ;) LOL

Rachel (Mrs. Lee) said...

Mrs. Lee can't even get her OWN child to jump and such on the platform! What's a director to do?? He's probably the one that knows the song the best!! yikes! Good thing we've got those older girls!