Monday, May 21, 2007

Surprise in a Hanging Basket

Happy Victoria Day Everyone!

We spent today doing work around the house, and playing too. Emmi and I put together this planter in a large pot that I made last summer in a pottery class I took. I can't wait to see how it looks in a month or two when the plants start growing over the sides more! My pottery instructor was a little disappointed that the pot was not symmetrical, but I think it just has personality!

Emmi and Pip are doing battle with the cold virus that has come to live at our house, they both alternate between feeling really yucky, and feeling pretty good. Instead of church yesterday, I took three of the children in to the doctor. Only Pip got antibiotics (for an ear infection), and rest and fluids were perscribed for Emmi and Tim (he's almost through the cold).

Saturday we bought the plants that went in the planter, and some that went in to three hanging baskets I put together. Today, when I checked if they needed some water, I found an "extra" in one of them:

A robin has built a nest! We took the basket down to admire it, and I hope we haven't frightened her away. I was amazed how quickly she worked! I just hung the basket up two days ago!

David and "the boys" worked on our kitchen, installing new baseboard and installing coasters on a set of cabinets, so now you can pull them out from the wall to act as an island if you choose.

Early to bed for the Marshwiggles, no fireworks this year!

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