Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Ben!

It's hard to believe - but our "Baby Ben" is four!! He doesn't seem very perturbed by it - he grinned when his birthday cake came in, he happily opened his presents, and he giggled fit to beat the band when his Auntie Charlotte sang "Happy Birthday" to him on the 'phone. And he will proudly tell you how old he is now, and show you the appropriate number of fingers too.

Earlier today, Emily and Granny and I were remembering some of the stories around his birthday, four years ago. It's neat that Emily can remember parts of it! When I remember Ben's birthday, I am reminded of my overwhelming feelings of thankfulness to God for his safe arrival. His delivery was just fine, but after he was born the midwives discovered he had a knot in his umbilical cord, that if it had tightened during delivery could have killed him. In fact, we had a friend whose sister-in-law lost a baby about a month before Ben was born that very way. I remember feeling so happy to have my new little baby, and feeling chilled at how I could have been feeling, and just thanking the Lord for his hand of protection on Ben right from the start!

I still feel very thankful when I look at my four year old! Thankful for the way God has been helping him to grow and develop. And just so blessed to have my wiggly little boy to tuck into bed these nights! Happy Birthday!

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Charlotte said...

I'm glad Ben's part of our family too! I can't believe its already been four years. I'm suddenly feeling sooo old.

So that was giggling on the other end of the phone, I wasn't quite sure :)