Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Visit With Mrs. G!

We recently got to visit one of our heroes - Mrs. G.

She tells fantastic Bible stories, and we get one CD from her a month. We started with Adam and Eve and we have worked our way up to Moses. She has a building with offices, and we were able to get a tour, and of course to meet her and tell her how much we enjoy her stories. She gave each of the children a book - inside it is signed by Mrs. G. and it has stories in it from the CDs. The children were very excited!


Rachel said...

Isn't that neat! I am curious as to WHERE this is? (TO?) How did you manage a personal visit? What a wonderful memory for the children, it will help make her voice on the stories come more alive, also. We have been taking a "page from your book" and listening to many books on CD in the van these past few weeks. I must look into getting these, however, since most of what we get is just from the library right now.

mrs. Lee said...

I hope you are well! We're missing you all.

johnandjoand said...

I grew up listening to Mrs. G on tape, and googled her name today to try and see if she is available on CD. I found her website, but there is no subscription information. How did you get a CD subscription? Thanks, Joan

Anna said...

Hi Joan,

If you email from her website (with your address) they will send you a catalogue with ordering and subscription information.


johnandjoand said...

Thanks so much!