Saturday, September 8, 2007

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Today I completed one of my summer projects - giving the upstairs bathroom a facelift. This was not a full-on, cosmetic surgery kind of face-lift, just a new curtain, fresh paint and a new ventilation fan. Previously we had wallpaper and venetian blinds, but in the late spring our dear little Pip decided the wallpaper was fun to peel. And as he had started, we thought we might as well finish it! This room also marks the end of my quest to rid our house of venetian blinds (which I don't like very much - can you tell?). Instead, we have a very delightful curtain that ripples in the late summer breeze coming in the window as you can see here:
(sorry the exposure is so dark!)

Because I don't have the fancy lenses that the home decorating magazines do to show you the entire room at once, you will have to content yourself with a close up of the radiator to get an idea of the colours (called Whispering Cloud and Antique Porcelain). I love our radiators when they are finished - they are magnificent! But while painting them I have to be careful not to grumble - they are so fiddly!!


Charlotte said...

Hey sis, it looks fab! I remember painting the rad in Em's room... not fun but you're right, they do look fine once they're done.

Rachel said...

It really looks lovely - the colour is fantastic, and there's nothing like a curtain swishing in the breeze - beautiful job :)