Monday, May 11, 2009

Baking Adventures

David is seeking to perfect steak and kidney pie. His first version, unfortunately, was not photographed, and was, well... it was fine. Certainly it was good to eat, but it was not quite perfect. The second version (above) was much better - (beefier) but still could use a little tweak - he's thinking about just what it needs. I did the crust (it was puff pastry, so I really just put it in the pie dish), and I added the blackbird for a touch of whimsy - note from David: whimsy not appreciated, it makes the pie hard to serve! But the blackbird makes a beautiful pie, plus adds that literary note that lovers of nursery rhymes will appreciate. Stay tuned for the next iteration.

Emmi is also getting adventuresome in the kitchen. She has progressed far enough in her baking skills that she is now able to make simple baked goods (muffins, snacking cake) unassisted. It was quite a treat for me to go out in the garden with "the boys" (Pip stayed behind to help line the muffin tin) and return to the smell of freshly baked blueberry muffins. Emmi had even washed up all the dished while they baked! She's welcome to make more any time!!


lsmith said...

Marius pointed out that David should count himself lucky that you did not put the whole four-and-twenty blackbirds in the pie. :)

The Lee Family said...

I love the blackbird! What fun!