Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Fruits

Yes, I understand that rhubarb is technically not a fruit - more like a stalk. But we use it like fruit, and it is wonderful to have fresh "fruit" around to make desserts with. We are so blessed to have an across-the-road neighbour who has a large rhubarb patch, and he is very generous with it. In fact, he encourages us to take as much as we can, because that in turn encourages the rhubarb to send up even more shoots! On Saturday, Pip and I made our way over the road, starting our journey to (Sunday's) pie!

My fellow rhubarb harvester:

Part way through the process:

The finished, beautiful, glorious pie! It tasted wonderful!

The rhubarb is at its prime now - tender, very pink and almost sweet, well, almost! A good excuse to dust the top crust liberally with sugar!!

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The Lee Family said...

we just enjoyed some ourselves this week - we were surprised to find, when the spring came, that we have two bushes in our back yard of this sour fruit. We made a lovely crisp with ours :) Its a sure sign of springs arrival