Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Blank Canvas

We've been working for a few weeks now to prepare the "canvas" of the veggie garden. We moved the compost bin, moved the wood-pile, spread around the fabulous soil that was at the bottom of the composter, enlarged the garden over to the fence, and then added A LOT of triple mix. (David ordered 3 yards, and most of it went here!)

So here are the children where soon (we hope!!) there will be a bounty of tomatoes, zuchinni (ok, not such a bounty of this one please!), lettuce, corn, beans and other good things!! Very exciting!!

We seem to be finally out of the frost warning at night weather, so today we started planting out the tomatoes and peppers we have raised from seed. As with every year, the children were remarking how much work it is to put in a garden. I didn't remind them of the weeding!! But hopefully it will all be worth it as we savour our produce later in the season!

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Kristi-Anna said...

We too have seedlings the children planted... pole beans (a few varieties apparently!), sunflowers, sweet william. We will get one tomato plant, and one or two pepper plants. I have NO garden tho... so where to put them is a dilema. The back garden location is out, as we now have a shed occupying that space since last Fall. We may container garden again, esp since the children have really taken a keen interest this year!